Overseas mission

At Brackley Baptist Church we believe that God challenges us to spread his word, not only here in the UK but also overseas. As a church family we have committed ourselves to support and stand with a number of ministries - not only in prayer but also financially.

The Gambia

Our relationship with Pastor Leon Senghore began several years ago but began to develop more deeply in 2014 when God had obvious plans in us helping and encouraging him and his wife to build a church in the remote village of 'Madiana', in The Gambia.

Following a service in Serekunda, Pastor Senghore met a woman, who had walked 4 hours from Madiana to attend a Christian church service. He gave her a lift home and could see that her village was in need of its own church and told me "they cannot come to us to hear the word of God, so we must go out to them!"

Pastor Senghore began regular visits to Madiana holding services under a canopy of palm leaves to keep off the blazing sun, or pouring rain. After a visit it became clear, that we could encourage him as well as fundraise, in order to help build a church in Madiana. (Pastor Senghore had previously built a church in Serekunda and knew of skilled tradesmen he could employ.) A piece of land was purchased and prayed over, then a well dug for close access to water. After the Sunday services in Madiana, local men, women and children fetched water, mixed cement and built blocks to dry in the sun. Muslims and Christians worked together in building the community church.

Relationships have been formed through regular visits from people within the Brackley Baptist Church and in February 2018, we witnessed 400 people from both The Gambia and Senegal celebrating the dedication of the magnificent 'Madiana Community Church.' The church has solar panels, the only light in the area, which has encouraged all-night prayers. This in turn has resulted in the people in Madiana praying for us just as we do for them! The land is large enough to build a Christian school which is desperately needed for 50 children, so in 2019 the footings have been dug out and work has begun again in furthering Gods kingdom...

We plan to visit Madiana again in February 2020.

BMS World Mission

Brackley Baptist Church supports BMS financially and has had close ties with workers in Nepal, and more recently India.

However, with the return to the UK of our latest link missionaries we are reviewing how best to continue close links. This may involve a focus on a particular ministry, a particular region, or particular individuals. This page will be updated when new links are in place.

About BMS

BMS was founded in 1792 and William Carey of Paulerspury, Northants was one of the first missionaries to go to India. He was there for about 41 years until his death in 1834. His mission at Shrirampur (Serampore) set the pattern for modern missionary work.

Today, BMS has workers in Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Chad, China, France, Guinea, India, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mozambique, Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda, and the United Kingdom.

For more inforation on BMS please visit their website here: