Sunday Services

Passionate, honest & real

The Sunday morning service is an informal format that consists of a balanced mix of worship, singing, prayer, sharing and listening to the Word of God.

Worship is a combination of contemporary music and a selection of classic but relevant songs. We actively encourage times of open prayer and give the opportunity to share how God has blessed or touched our lives through testimonies, pictures, spoken words or receive and pray for others.

Church sermons

Bible teaching is an important and valued part of life at Brackley Baptist Church and our relaxed and scripture led approach means we can read, learn and openly be inspired by the word of God.

The sermons are easy to follow and cater for a mixed age group as well as being challenging no matter where you are in your walk with Christ.

Junior church

Since we are a family church and we love to see children attend our services, they are encouraged to get involved with our worship by taking hold of the banners and ribbons to worship God in their own enthusiastic and unique style.

Children are invited to take part in our junior church every Sunday so that they might learn about God in their own way.

We currently run two groups, Impact, which is for children in Junior and Primary ages to share and learn together and LOL on Sunday which is aimed towards secondary ages.